Eurostyle Old World Copper Series Direct Vent Terminations

  • Bring a touch of European majesty to your home with the Old World Copper Series from the Eurostyle Collection. This attractive direct vent termination beautifully blends hidden high wind protection with a patented European styled copper chimney pot design.

  • Our exclusive patented one piece design eliminates the need for site built or expensive shrouds. It is perfect for historical areas or subdivisions that have building restrictions. It features a unique rain diversion system which uses the cap itself to eliminate water. It also incorporates access holes into the body to allow easy connection to the direct vent pipe itself.

  • This beautiful vertical direct vent cap is designed to mount directly to the chase pan, commonly called a chase cover. Due to weight of these copper terminations, the chase cover may have to be reinforced from below. A direct vent slip piece will be needed as the last piece of pipe for proper installation. 

  • The Eurostyle Old World Copper Direct Vent Series comes in two sizes to fit your home. The product specifications for these Eurostyle direct vent terminations are:

                    Petite:                    Installed height:  26"; 
                                                   Base Size             17";
                                                   Vent Options:       4" x 6 5/8"; 4 1/2" x 7 1/2";
                                                                                   5" x 8"; 6" x 8 5/8"
                                                   Weight:                  55 lbs.
                                                   Minimum Chase: 24” x 24”
                    Grand:                   Installed height:   38"; 
                                                   Base Size              22";
                                                   Vent Options:        8" x 11" 
                                                   Weight:                   75 lbs.
                                                   Minimum Chase: 30” x 30”
                    Material Options: 22 gauge, Half hard Solid Copper;
                                                    View Eurostyle color chart. 
  • CAD and CNC punched mesh are used for unsurpassed quality. 
  • Tested and listed with many popular stove and pipe manfacturers.

  • 2006 Vesta Finalist Winner. More Info.
  • Made in the USA!

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